Monday, September 26, 2005

Publication - Observer San Francisco

Next door, the Blue Studio hosted an "Evening with the Artists" curated by Sarah Bright, Stephen Stout and Michael Latronica. Twenty artists treated the public to contemporary paintings, mixed media and jewelry while engaging in friendly dialogue.
With many intriguing visuals to peruse, Sidnea D'Amico's mixed media display drew interest from visitors with a magnifying glass dangling over the display so to marvel over the minute painterly swirls of acrylic embedded in cubes of resin. Arranged in varied clusters, the blocks illustrated a contrast and clash between the group and the individual.
D'Amico said she appreciates creating artwork the most when she is able to take painting to unexplored levels. "My technique begins with these very colorful dots, which are like miniature paintings embedded in the resin," said D'Amico, originally from Sao Paulo, Brasil. "Then the relationships between the pieces are changed through their placement." The Blue Studio is located on the 4th floor of 2111 Mission St.
By Jamie Windborne/, Apr 25, 2005


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